Prof. Aayed Alqahtani 🇸🇦


professor and a consultant of MIS and Obesity Surgery and the
CEO of New You Medical Center. He is the Director of King Saud’s University’s Obesity Chair and one of the
prominent bariatric surgeons worldwide. Prof. Alqahtani is currently the President of Saudi Arabian Society
for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (SASMBS) and President of Gulf Obesity Surgery Society (GOSS). He is
the Director of International Bariatric Club (IBC) Middle East & Africa. Prof. Alqahtani is the Past President
of The International Pediatric Endoscopy Group (IPEG); Founder & Past President of its Middle East
Chapter. Past President of Pan Arab Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (PASMBS).
He received his medical education with honors from King Saud University, Riyadh. He did post graduate
training in McGill University, obtained his fellowship (FRCSC) in general surgery from the Royal College of
Physician & Surgeon of Canada and the American Board of General Surgery (FACS) with specialized
training in minimally invasive surgery at McGill University Canada and Denver, USA. He was featured on the
Dean’s Honors List of Excellent Results in Postdoctoral Training in University of Montreal.
Prof. Alqahtani is a strong advocate of providing weight loss surgery for adult and severely obese children
and adolescents, and has published numerous studies on the safety and efficacy of this solution in young
age groups. Notably, recent publications authored by Prof. Alqahtani demonstrates that bariatric surgery
does not alter the growth of young children.
He has published many articles, chapters and books. He has been the guest speakers in more than 300

international events and over 200 peer-reviewed presentations at national and international meetings. He
is faculty of many national and international training courses and workshop in MIS, Robotic and Obesity.
He is very active in numerous national and international societies, and he is a reviewer and sits on the
editorial board of many respected medical journals.

08 Feb Day 1

Bariatric surgery practice, current perspectives, and future directions


08 Feb Day 1

“Medtronic Sponsored lecture”The impact of AOM on Bariatric surgery practice.

16:10- 16:20

08 Feb Day 1

How to integrate ESG in your practice


09 Feb Day 2


13:50 – 14:00

09 Feb Day 2

Can combined pharmacotherapy and Endobariatric procedures replace Bariatric & Metabolic surgery in BMI 35-27 kg/m2?


07 Feb Endobariatric Masterclass

Registration Introduction and Welcome Address


07 Feb Endobariatric Masterclass

ESG: Indications and Post Procedure follow up


07 Feb Endobariatric Masterclass

Hands on Session (1)

  • Station (1): ESG “ Double channel scope”
  • Station (2): ESG “ Single channel scope”
  • Station (3): ESG “ Single channel scope”
  • Station (4): ESG “ Single channel scope”
  • Station (5): ESG “ Single channel scope”
  • Station (6): ESG “ Single channel scope”

07 Feb Endobariatric Masterclass

Integrating Multidisciplinary Expertise in Bariatric Endoscopy referrals


07 Feb Endobariatric Masterclass

ESG Mastery: Unveiling the training path and learning curve of ESG