Dr. Ahmad Gadah πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦

Highly skilled and dedicated surgeon specializing in upper gastrointestinal and
bariatric surgery. With a passion for minimally invasive techniques and a commitment to ongoing learning,
she has cultivated an impressive career focused on improving patient outcomes and quality of life.
A Journey of Excellence:
Earned double Bachelor's degrees in Medicine and Surgery and Medical Technology, demonstrating a
strong foundation in both clinical and diagnostic aspects.
Completed rigorous training in general surgery, culminating in a Saudi Board certification and a fellowship
at Seoul St. Mary Hospital, honing her expertise in upper GI, bariatric, and metabolic surgery.
Currently serving as a Consultant at Al Noor Hospital's Bariatric Excellency Center, applying her knowledge
and experience to guide patients through successful weight-loss journeys.